The Amethyst Pencil LLC
Unique Art & Greeting Cards in Raleigh-Durham

The Amethyst Pencil LLC
Unique Art & Greeting Cards in Raleigh-Durham


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I am so blessed to be one of the artists participating in:

The Annual Black History: Artists' Perspectives Exhibition 2019 presented by the Hayti Heritage Center, Durham, NC

There is something magical about viewing art in person! Come and support myself and all the artists represented. Also, many of the pieces are for sale. Contact the artist directly for purchases.

The exhibit runs thru April 14th.  Go to for more information or click the link below.

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About The Artist

My Background


Art-Love began for me, at a very young age drawing on the walls at home in Queens NY. Although this made my art always easy to find, I began to appreciate the mobile advantage of the reams of paper family members brought me (sorry trees!) I later pursued my passion to create at the HS of Art & Design as well as the Fashion Institute Of Technology - SUNY.  Now married with two children, The Amethyst Pencil LLC was created out of a desire for printed art, greeting cards & thank you notes for sister-cousin parties, speakers and prayer groups that represented the African American woman in the mirror as well as woman of all shades everywhere.  If you are like me, you want plenty of room inside to express your OWN thoughts to the receiver. My hope is to comfort, encourage and inspire - and maybe touch souls like a song on paper.

My Medium


I never forgot my first love... pencil and paper!  It's where I began (especially when I ran out of wall space and later grew tired of cleaning masterpieces off the walls!)  Pencil is STILL my favorite medium. I love creating unique art & greeting cards in Raleigh, Durham and surrounding areas.  I remember sketching on the A train or at NY's MOMA, I can always find a pencil to shade art concepts from my mind and come back to it whenever I could.  Please check back often with The Amethyst Pencil LLC as we plan to continue to add more products that honor the images of the absolutely fascinating human beings around me.